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Full Screen Player

System requirements: 

  • Windows 95, 98 ,98se ,Me ,NT ,2000 ,XP.
  • DirectX8 and is higher.
  • Soundcard.
  • Processor depending on videofilm.
  • Videocard with support Overlay..
    Mode not less than 24 bits of chromaticity (Only for appearance). .
  • Decoders DVD, DivX, Mpeg-2, AC3 can download from a page

Support formats:

DVD, avi, mpeg, mpeg2, divx, asf, wmv, dat(VideoCD).
With the extension MOV, QT, MP2, M2P, M2V, WMV, AVI, MPG, MPE, MPEG, ASF, DAT, DIVX, VOB.

PlayLists MLS(Main, VideoCD) , BSL(bsplayer),  LST(RadLight), LAP(Light Alloy),  MU3, PLS


This program is freeware. If you transfer me the small sum, it very much will help to further development of the program.
To pay it is possible here:

  1. WebMoney on a purse Z029394435956
  2. Or to convert with E-Gold on WebMoney here, on a purse Z029394435956.

"Favorite folder"

Since Windows 2000, in standard Dialog boxes Open File dialog the new element - Place bar, the employee for a fast choice of the most popular and important folders, My Documents, etc. has appeared. You can replace any folder of the, for example in which hold all your films..

Choose in the main menu item Settings, click on the name instead of which want to place the folder, choose her, press the button the TEST for viewing result of job.

If want to appoint a beautiful icon of your folder use means Windows. Reach in an explorer your folder, open her properties (click on her the right button of the mouse), press TO REPLACE the BADGE.

So can look your dialog boxes of opening of files in Win2k and is higher.



1. "Hot keys" and "hot mouse":

Full Screen<> Window mode Alt Enterr
Average button of the mouse
Moving To press the left button of the mouse and to move
Atop of all windowss A
Increase  Ctrl Num+
Ctrl mouse scroll upwards
Right click and mouse scroll upwards
Reduction  Ctrl Num-
Ctrl mouse scroll downwards
Right click and mouse scroll downwards
Increase without extension Alt Num+
Alt mouse scroll upwards
Reduction without extension  Alt Num-
Alt mouse scroll downwards
To restore scale and increase Num *
Pan-Scan  Num /
Free Aspect Ratio 5
Adjusted Aspect Ratio 1..4
Moving Click right mouse and move
To show a window preferences of the image V
To increase loudness Num+
mouse scroll upwards
Arrow upwards
To reduce loudness Num-
mouse scroll downwards
Arrow downwards
To show a window of a choice of the sound channel (track) or DVD a sound track (language) S
Window of the Choice of the sound channel (track) or DVD a sound track (language)
Next Arrow right
Previous Arrow left
Accept  Enter
Mode of reproduction of files
Play / pause Space
Stop Esc
Next file PgUp
Previous file PgDown
For 10 seconds forward Arrow right
On 10 seconds ago Arrow left
For one minute forward ctrl Arrow right
On a minute ago ctrl Arrow left
In the beginning of a file Home
Mode of reproduction DVD of a disk 
Play / pause Space
Stop Esc
The following fragment episode PgUp
The previous fragment episode PgDown
Next episod ctrl PgUp
Previous episod ctrl PgDown
For 10 seconds forward Arrow right
On 10 seconds ago Arrow left
For one minute forward ctrl Arrow right
On a minute ago ctrl Arrow left
In the beginning of film Home
Mode of display of menu DVD 
Navigation in the menu Arrow cursor and Enter
Load Ctrl+O
To remove a file from the playlist Delete
Add files from playlist Insert
Show  P
Operations with a file 
Open files O
Play CD/DVD Alt+O
Play DVD Shift+O
Info about filters and options I
To show management F1
Exit Alt+F4
ESC (if there is no reproduction )

Parameters of the command line :

fsplay.exe "file name" [options]

-fs Full screen
-sp Show playlist.
-pan Pan-Scan
-stime=X Play in the X second
-asX Play in the 'X' audio stream
-zoom=X Zoom in the X units. X= from -25 up to 200
-eend To close the program at achievement of the end of film
-mp To switch on storing a position if film it is not seen (if you have not looked through this film at his following viewing, reproduction will begin from that position where viewing has ended).


fsplay.exe "The Matrix.avi"

fsplay.exe ""

fsplay.exe "The Matrix.avi" -fs -pan

fsplay.exe "The Matrix.avi" 

fsplay.exe "playlist.bsl" -sp

Important for autostarted CDs:

  • If the name of a file is specified without a full way then he is underlined concerning a file FsPlay.exe.

  • If in playlist files without a full way they are specified concerning it playlist.


For viewing loading the processor: Click the left button of the mouse on hours at the upper right, and they begin to show loading of the processor. If to click on them the right button of the mouse they will be constantly present on the screen.

Switching sound channels: If in video a file two sound channels (it is usual in the first contains translation of film, and in the second the original without translation), in main menu-preferences two items will appear - First sound channel or Second sound channel . Press on what to you it is necessary. If in video a file more than two sound channels(it was found out at familiar in an animated cartoon the "Glacial age" - there their four), that in main menu-preferences the item will appear Audio and language files. Further it will be clear:)

Play CD-DVD: Video and DVD on CD (DVD)-R and his reproduction is prospected. As the player will try to show the normal name of video.

Reproduction DVD copied on HDD: Choose a file - open, choose type of files DVD the catalogue, and choose file VIDEO_TS.IFO.

To switch off a computer upon termination of film:  Begin reproduction of film, guide the mouse on the button of closing of a player establish.. To shutdown computer upon termination of film and can go to bed.

On DVD start of videofilm without advertising, prompts and initial menus

Reproduction from damaged CDs.

If to press SPACE, and the file is not loaded yet the window for opening a file will open. Also with the list of reproduction.

It is possible to throw simply a file on a player and his reproduction will begin. If to throw a files in playlist that he it will be added in him.

More full description of opportunities look on a site

From you a minimum of efforts what to see liked cinema.

Copyright (C) 2003-2004, Aleksey Pershke, All rights reserved

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